April 15, 2012
It’s an affect, that we want to be photographed as though it’s real, but it’s actually not real. I think this is the big issue now in photography, whether it’s staged or isn’t staged. It comes back to the idea of photography being a medium of truth telling. It’s a very interesting medium; it seems absolutely clear and yet is so mysterious.

Sandra Phillips, interviewed by Bean Gilsdorf for Daily Serving in April 2012 about the exhibition Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870 which took place at SFMOMA in 2010/2011. Via.

See also, Blake Morrison looks at the history of voyeurism, from Actaeon to paparazzi hounding the Princess of Wales. A new exhibition shows how technology has given us fresh ways of satisfying our desire for a secret glimpse, and TV Screens, an ongoing series.

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